SACD player with HDMI output

Just setting up my brand new surround sound processor and getting familiar with all of the programming, settings, etc. So far am loving it but it has one major weakness. Without mentioning the brand and model right now (will later), this unit only plays SACD multi-channel input in a pure direct music mode. As such, it doesn't allow any subwoofer, bass/treble manual adjustment as my previous processor and AVRs did. Extremely disappointed because those adjustments are imporant to make from one SACD to another. However the processor does accept an HDMI input from an SACD player and perhpas it will then allow these manual adjustments to be made. Not even sure about that just yet. Have to call the manufacturer. In the meantime, looking for some recoomendations on SACD players with and HDMI output that passes true DSD signals. Please recommend brand and model numbers. THANKS very much.
I suspect this issue only arises when you feed the SSP a DSD signal. If you let your SACD / univeral player do DSD to LPCM conversions, you should not have a problem and have access to all the bass management and EQ features in the processor. The Oppo will allow you to do this (i.e. convert DSD to LPCM), the Sony does not (it decides based on the HDMI handshake whether to send DSD or PCM, not user configurable).
Thanks folks. Edorr, the 3 units I have capable of playing SACDs don't give me that option. However today it seems I have the solved the problem. Spending a few hours testing the 3 source units I have (NAD T-535, Marantz DV6001 and Marantz UD5005), turns out my Marantz UD5005 Blu-ray player sends DSD correctly over HDMI in multi-channel. So now I have reassigned this player to be my multi-channel SACD unit and I have a spare back up Blu-ray player now in its place. Thanks all.