Salk Audio Sound

Looking ( still ) for new speakers to replace old Spendors ( with a Leben tube amplifier).  Had narrowed my search to Devore Super 9, Proac D30R, Sonist Concerto 4 when the itch to save some money cropped up ( two tuitions due this week).  Have been hearing about Salk.  Some have denigrated as "hifi"- ish; whatever that means.  Seems like a great value and certainly has his following. Unfortunately, can't find them to hear for myself. So are the Salk speakers on par with the other possibilities above?

There are always multiple Salk speakers for sale used on Audio Circle as owners move up the line.  Probably your best bet to find out if they are for you as the original owner is going to take the hit and  you could sell them for little loss if not for you.  As to whether they will work with the Leben you need to call Jim and talk to him.
I've always been a fan of Proac's they seem to all be very musical speakers that draw you in to the music more so then many speakers I've heard-owned. (I've had R2.5's and a couple tablet versions over the years) Have you've heard the D30R's ?

 I've not heard a lower end Devore I liked so can't recommend them but I'm sure others will. I've not had experience with the Sonist. 

You’re best bet is to go to the Salk forum on Audio Circle and find owners in your area. They are usually open to have you over to listen. I am about 30 minutes from Jim’s factory and he invited me for a visit about 3 years ago. I can’t recall details of how they sound other than I was impressed. The craftsmanship is first rate and Jim and his wife are very gracious. 
I bought one speaker from Salk (a center channel with the RAAL tweeter) and ended up replacing all the speakers in my home theater including two subwoofers and upgrading the center channel as well (for which Jim gave me full trade in value as it was only 6 months old!)

In my room, to my ear, the RAAL blew me away with the sound stage and vocals. I haven't been blown away like that in a looong time. Jim told me I'd probably like the beryllium more but I was so smitten with his special RAAL (RAAL 70 20 XR amorphous core to be exact:
I had to have them and didn't want to chance the BE tweeter. YMMV. All I know is I can't get enough of the RAAL and vocals (esp female) are out of this world. My non audiophile brother in law said I hate this song on the radio but I absolutely love it on your system. It opened his eyes to how much of the music he is missing. 

The price point on these is incredible value (to me) for what you get in sound, the build quality and infinite customization options from paint/wood/dyes, to internal wiring etc is icing on the cake. It really makes you look at other brands who are selling low end speakers in a non custom Chinese made cabinet for double or triple the price in a really different way. (nothing wrong with China just saying the price you pay at Salk for custom locally made enclosures is a great value!)

Since it is impossible to convey how something sounds via text I'm in CT and if you or anyone else wants to demo Salk/RAAL or Rythmik just send me a PM.