sampling rate confusion

I do not quite understand the compatability of CD sampling rates and the ability of a pre-amp to accept it. My Tri Vista SACD player sampling rate is 24 bit 192KHz. My Sunfire pre-amp, Symphonic Reference, does not state what sampling rate it supports but my Sunfire Theatre Grand IV supports up to 96KHz. Is this a problem or am I misinformed of the relationship of this technology?
Thanks for any help offered.
If you use the analog outputs of the MF SACD then sampling rates are not significant. Internally the MF will be upsampling to 192kHz prior to the D2A stage.

If you take the digital output of the MF SACD then it will be non-upsampled 44.1kHz, redbook CD, which the Sunfire could then upsample to 96kHz prior to D2A.

SACD will not produce a digital output.

My guess is that the MF DACs are better than the Sunfire, so you're probably best using the analog outputs of the MF.

I hope that makes sense.