Samsung HL-S5086W Picture Settings

Hi all!

Anyone of you have a Samsung HL-S5086W dlp rear projection TV? Or a Samsung TV close to mine?

I need help on adjusting settings on this TV for best picture quality. I noticed when I am watching movies that are in dark scenes or night scenes, I can hardly see any details on the movie. When I try to adjust the brightness, it makes the TOP and BOTTOM black bars brighter and the picture seems to get fuzzy or grainy when the brightness is all the way up.

Right now, I have the picture setting to STANDARD and so far, it looks the best but still kind of dark. When people are wearing black clothings, it hard to see what they are wearing in details. You just see a SOLID black shirt. Now, could it be that it was film that way originally? Especially during the night scenes, man, you can see anything but the actors faces and the dark clothes just blends with the dark background or night scenes.

I also tried to turn on the GAME MODE and it seems to help a little. I can start seeing a little more detail in dark clothes and night scenes but VERY little improvement.

Any advice on this TV would be great!!!