Sanders 10B Electrostatic

I have a friend who owns these and is considering high quality tube amp to drive.

Anyone have experience?
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Thank you for valuable response, appears 250 watts of tube power will be adequate.

Try the Carver Crimson/Raven 350 Wpc Mono Blocks, save money. 10 year warranty on tubes and the amps. Get off the ARC upgrade go-round. While he's at it get the new crossover.for $1200 - PM me if you are interested.

Thanks for advice but that was a couple of years ago.   The purchaser has moved on.

For what it's worth the ARC Ref 250 is no longer in my system but it was a great amp, better than many I've had here.   I do prefer my Allnic M3000 and M5000 but should disclose I work for them even though that position is seven years after my moving to the line out of love for the sound :-)