Sanders magtech or odyssey kismet

I am looking for a "last amp purchase" one I can keep for 20+ years and pass down to my son someday.
This probably won't happen, but it is a very good possibility.

I have gone through numerous over the years, with fairly bad luck with them, UNRELIABILITY!

I have narrowed it to these two amps. I know they are both very good.

I would like thoughts on them from other audio people as yourselves.
Before you say these speakers suck, I wanted to say I auditioned A LOT of different ones before settling on these. I use energy rc-70's, only about 45-50 hours on them, nowhere near broken in yet. I LOVE their sound, period.

People say these amps are too good for the speaks, I think not.
Maybe sanders preamp.

I have heard magtech sounds thin, and others say it's amazing.

Anyway, what's your thoughts on odyssey kismet monos or sanders magtech. Thanks
Thanks, I believe I'll do that. I'm about to set up a pair of Tympani IV's, and am gonna need more amp! Only for the two bass panels, so the amp doesn't need a great midrange and high end. Maybe a Pro amp like a Crown will do. They're cheap. 
@bdp24-  Much of the venue ambiance info in your recording resides in in the lower few octaves.   Use a Crown amp and you'll lose it.   I've been using a slightly modded TransNova 9505, to drive my transmission line woofers, with excellent results in that regard.

That’s the kind of thing I’m wondering about Rodman. I have a PS Audio 200C that’s okay, but it’s "only" 200w/ch @ 8 ohms and 400 @ 4. I’ll try it first, but have been warned the Tympani’s can use and may require a lot more than that. Tympani aficionado Satie over at Planar Speaker Asylum uses a 2500w/ch @ 4 ohms (!) Crown on his (with a tube amp on the M/T panels), and says it sometimes clips! The bass panels will be used up to only about 250Hz, so I don’t need (or want to pay for!) great sound above bass frequencies. I’d love a Sanders amp, but don’t have an extra five grand laying around just for a woofer amp.

I haven’t heard the current Crown amps, or any since the DC-300/A and D-150, a long time ago. I know the Current Crowns aren’t audiophile approved, and for good reason. But why would a current one (no pun intended ;-) "lose" the low frequency ambiance in a recording?

@bdp24- I’m not crazy about typing, so I’ll try to keep this brief. Never having owned Tympanis, I’ve nothing concrete to offer there. I’m powering two SEAS L26ROY D1001s for bottom(X @ 250Hz/10th order), so the only commonality is a 4 Ohm/ch load. From some of your other posts, I’ve gathered you have a familiarity with live music in live venues and the sound. SS amps are generally good with initial transients and not as good with decay and bloom, until their prices/quality increase. Without getting into tube vs bi-polar vs MOS-FET, I’ve personally found the later to be a good compromise. The cues as to the volume and height of a recording space depend on an amp’s ability to convey each instrument’s sustain and decay, reverberating into that venue. I always recommended Crown(back in the day), for live reinforcement, do to their dependability/ruggedness and ambiance was(of course) generated within the venue. Regarding a current SS amp that won’t break the bank, Odyssey(as I mentioned earlier) offers some that would serve you well, probably better with their PS upgrades, given your need for juice. Don’t go too cheap and rob yourself of realism. btw: I often wonder about the power ratings stated by some manufacturers, not given in RMS.
@bdp24- @bdp24- Here’s an item of interest, if you can stand the fan noise or have a closet for isolation: ( I used a DH500 for bottom end, 20+ years, with great results. This one already has polypropylene caps, on it’s board.  btw: Don't know if it will be an issue, but- most of your, "pro" amps will have XLR and 1/4" inputs, rather than RCAs.  Not hard to modify, but good to be aware.  I was glad my 9505 had all options