Sanders 10c/d + Magtech + tube preamp

Hi everyone,
I am considering to buy a full system from Roger, but I thought about using a tube preamp instead of sanders' preamp. Anyone has an experience with a combination of the 10c/d speakers + Magtech with tube preamp? Do you have any recommendations?
If you have heard and like the sound of the full system from Roger, then why go a different direction? Use it for a while and see if there is anything you want to change/improve. It will all sound different in you room smells find out what it sounds like before making a move.
thanks for the response. I have got the idea.
I actually haven't heard the system. Roger Sanders offers it for 30 days trial at home, but I think it is going to be technicaly too difficult for me to return it.
Yes, i am a little confused...
I am not from US butI am going to be on November in Miami and NY, I hope to find a dealer that has it ....and to have the opportunity to hear it.
I don't have experience with the Sanders amp but since the input impedance is 100kohms there shouldn't be a problem using a tube pre with it.

I like the combination of a tube pre with a ss amp. Tubes can add a little richness to the music. Try to listen to an Aesthetix Calypso with the Sanders if you can.
I have the new 10D's and a pair of magtechs and the sound is truly amazing. The new aluminum driver really puts them over the TOP. I added a tube phonostage and adding tubes to that solid state signal path was pretty incredibe. My preamp is an ayre (solid state - had Rogers but my CD player overloaded the balanced inputs - but an uber quiet and highly resolving preamp it was-still have it here, unused currently). I live in NY (on Long Island - 60 miles east of NYC). You are welcomed to come for a listen if you wish.

remember - tubes can add NOISE.
A friend of mine owns a full-Sanders system, another friend uses Sanders preamp+amp for his Martin Logan loudspeakers. Both systems are connected via full-balanced and speakers Sanders cables.

Preamp from Roger is really excellent and in my opinion it is hard to imagine the need for a replacement.

I have a setup that is similar to what you are suggesting.
A cary slp-05 tube pre into a innersound esl 300 (sanders esl 300) that powers a pair of magnepan 3.7 speakers augmented by a pair of velodyne dd8 subs. It is a very nice sounding setup and you can tailor the sound of the system to your liking by rolling various nos and new 6sn7 tubes in the cary tube pre. The cary tube pre and sanders amp are a great match through both the rca and balanced connections.
One of the most effective attribuites of Rogers design (and why his stats perform so incredibly well) is the external crossover. You really don't want your amps "seeing" a crossover. You want it "seeing" the drivers.
One of the most effective attribuites of Rogers design (and why his stats perform so incredibly well) is the external crossover. You really don't want your amps "seeing" a crossover. You want it "seeing" the drivers.
Cerrot, i really don't understand this
The x-overs is external - ok. so, you can tweak it & control it much better compared to it being inside the speaker. But still your amp will drive the external x-over & the external x-over will be connected to the speaker (with short leads, very often). Your amp will still see the x-over & not the driver. I'm not sure i understand how an external x-over will make the amp "see" the driver?? can you explain? thanks.
Not at all, Bombaywalla. My amps are between my crossover and my speakers so my amp sees my speaker, not my crossover. That is the idea. Amp does not see the crossover which is an impedience nightmare.

Preamp to crossover to amp to speaker as opposed to amp to to a box of capacitors and wires inside your speaker.
Thanks, Cerrot. got it!
looks like Roger uses active x-overs that use a line level signal from the preamp. I thought, for some reason, that Roger was using passive x-overs. not the case.
Lmomo, I can't say that I can answer your question, but I have been wondering the same thing. I heard the Sanders setup at RMAF this year and thought it sounded amazing. It was the only room that caused me to seriously think about upgrading any of the primary components that I have now. And in that thought process, I couldn't help but wonder how my Allnic L-3000 preamp would sound in that system.

Enjoy your 30 day trial and please post your thoughts as I am on the edge of my seat for your reactions.
Lmomo, I am not a dealer but I am in New York. I am on Long Island. You are welcomed to come visit for an audition if you wish.
Hi again...
It was long time ago but I'm slow, and saving money takes time. So, first I want to thank all of you for your responses, and for you Cerrot for the invitation. Actually I had an opportunity to hear the system at NJ, an excellent experience. 
I purchased the 10e system. The setup is not completed yet, but I bought a full system from Roger. 
Thanks, lmomo
Congratulations! I heard the Sanders system at last years T.H.E. Show, and for the first time in years was filled with lust for a new speaker. They are really, really good.
Thanks, this model is a new one and includes a new crossover: DBX Venu 360, with an option for room correction. 


Thrilled to hear you got the system!  I have a DBX Venu 360 on the way from Roger!

Another +1 for the Sanders preamp, it is very revealing, and adds nothing to the signal. It’s very open and pure. 
I love mine.  With proper recordings, it is flawless. 
I've used an Aesthetix Calypso Signature, ARC Ref5SE, and now an ARC Ref6 with the Sanders Magtech.  They all worked well with it.  However, I've never tried a solid state preamp with the Sanders so can't comment on how much better or worse a solid state pre would be over a tube pre.

I can say than the Ref5SE stomped the Calypso Signature, which isn't surprising given that it's much more expensive.  The Ref6 is even better than the Ref5SE and is one of the few components that lived up to the Internet hype.
I do have complete Roger 10c ESL system in Finland. Recently I switched to Conrad-Johson pre-amp and I am very happy with it. My main (only) source is vinyl, and C-J RIAA has a perfect match to my Pear Audio Analogue / Kid Thomas, with Tracer 10 cartridge. 
Sanders pre-amp is good, but for vinyl i prefer tubes...
Loved the Magtech power amplifier and think it pairs best with a tube pre-amp.   The sound was sterile and lifeless when paired with Sanders pre-amp.