sansui au 717 integrate amp

I have a sansui au 717 integrated amp that needs repair. My repair shop told me it would cost about $350.00 for repair. New caps and labor. This is from the 70s era. Is it worth it to restore for music listening or should I let it rest in peace ? I am not a super critical listner. Just enjoy listening to music .
Typically integrateds from that period included tone controls, one or more phono inputs and a tape loop (or two). You can probably find a new - or more likely used - integrated around the $350 mark, but a newer unit might not have some of those features. Think about what features of the Sansui you use and that might help you make your decision. HTH,

I think you have to consider what you could buy for $350 Today..Maybe a speaker cable ???? Go for it..Nice piece of Electronics..........Probably built as well ( or better ) than 90% of the equipment today.....
If they are doing a "full" rebuild, this is fair. Sansui's are reguarded as excellent integrateds even today! I just had my 919 serviced, and couldn't be happier :)
Mine sounds about as good as any mass market hi-fi gear ever did or does. The question in my mind is whether you can pick another one up for the same money that is in good condition. I guess most should really get an overhaul anyway, I never had mine done as it sounds just fine.
What does a full rebuild consist of ? I would like to go to my shop with a little more knowledge , and be able to ask the right questions .Along with that look for the right answers. All my research tells me its a good amp and maybe one of sansuais best builds. I liked the sound when it was workng and seemed much stronger than 85 watts per spec. Built like a tank.
There's someone in Montana who advertises on eBay that does restorations of older Sansui amps. The service is $350. I have never used him and I can't vouch for his quality or timeliness, but it does give you a point of comparison.
Ezekiel here on audiogon rebuilt my AU D11. An excellent job. I use it with EPI 100 speakers.
There is Sansui tech here in Madison, WI. He has worked on many units since "back in the day" and has every original service manual and bulletins. Pretty sure he only deals locally though... Judging by your name "Lambeau" I'm guessing you are a fellow cheese-head? Can give you his info if you would like??
RW-so am I but that doesn't old is bad. For $350 what do suggest? I'd put my Sansui up against much of the crap out today.
Mik971, Yes I would like the contact information of the repair guy in madtown.
I am still a cheeese head but have moved to a warmer climate.

Thank you
Agoner - Ezekiel did a complete service to my friends Sansui receiver. He aligned the tuner and went through the unit with fine tooth comb. Control and switches were cleaned. All caps were replaced with fancy types - Panasonic...... so forth, larger power caps. It did run about $600 but this was not a NOS level refurbish. The receiver has been trouble free for several years now and sounds very nice.
I can't say if it is wise to plunk down up to $650 for repairs on a Sansui. That said I have seen their separates on Ebay fetch really big bucks. The AU717's Solid State sonics are quite respectable, but don't inspire me, the way my much more expensive tube gear does. The TU 717, on the other hand, holds its own with my other tuners, but I am no tuner expert. It sounds like the OP is not willing to spend a lot of money in his quest for audio, so perhaps a moderate expenditure of a couple of hundred for new caps and such, is indeed the best way to go.