Sarasate Suggestion

I am slowly building my classical music library based on great advice from all of you. This time I am looking to dive into Sarasate. I was thinking of this 4 CD collection to start:  Sarasate / Yang / Orquesta Sinfonica De Navarra - Complete Works for Violin & Orchestra. Does anyone know if this is a good set from a quality of performance and recording standpoint? Tianwa Yang also has Sarasate CD for Violin and Piano. Not sure where it is best to start. Any advice or other suggestions are much appreciated.
For Sarasate you can't go wrong with Itzhak Perleman, he was a stunning violinist in his prime.
Shadorne, they were ALL child prodigies.  And, FWIW, I like Mutter's playing very much.
I have and enjoy the 4 cd set you are considering. Good performances and recordings worth having.

But, for me anyway, something more captivating and interesting, Rachel Barton (V) and Samuel Sanders (P) do a "Homage to Sarasate" on a Dorian CD.  Excellent performances and recording which includes Eight Spanish Dances and the Carmen Fantasy.