Satellite Interconnects

I am interested in learning of improvements that can be made to a Hughes 18" satellite system for audio only. My coax cables and VCR are absolute basic. I use a MagicBlock to reduce/eliminate interference. My 2-channel system, however is high(er) end. Any and all suggestions appreciated.
You could try MSB (in Ca,near SF.) to see if they can modify/add a dig.coax out. This would allow the use of an out-board dac,Beyond that,good ics,good power cord on the pre,all help.Like everything about this hobby;the more you spend wisely;the better the sound.
Bagwell, what kind of reciever are you using? I was renting a one from Directv, I originally had an RCA 32 bit processor receiver. They changed that out when I got local networks to a hughes. The sound and picture quality on my Pioneer elite was degraded big time. I bought my own, a Sony SAT A55 and the picture and sound quality are night and day! BTW I use Kimber PBJ interconnects from the receiver to the TV and also to a Marantz receiver with Kimber 8TC for all speakers. Pretty descent sound. Until HDTV becomes a factor this set up is very satisfying. Good luck.