sbooster compatible with Lumin T3?

Anyone successfully add an sbooster to a Lumin T3? I recently purchased one from Upscale and they said the sbooster is compatible with the T3, but I’m not able to access the Lumin internally. The instructions are for a T2 and the cover doesn’t come off the same as the T3. Thanks, Todd


i don’t understand your question and your concern

upscale audio is a dealer for both lumin and s-booster... if they have said that the two work fine together, what is the doubt?

questions about compatibility should be directed to them

It might be compatible, but I can’t get the cover off of the T3 to find out.I have taken all of the screws out and it still remains secure at the front. The instructions illustrate a T2 and the cover seems to come off differently than the T3.