SC-2 Plus Sweetvinyl SugarCube

I just received this awesome unit but so far no luck connecting it to my mac, 
I have the following set up

Technics SL-1210 GR
Parasound Z Phono
USB PreampMac running macOS High
SierraVinylStudio (Recording Program)

I have everything connected but still nothing, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, any suggestions will be greatly appreciate, thanks 
I have a SC-2. It is very hard to set up. You don’t just hook it up-you need to connect it using downloads from SweetVinyl via your internet connection. I have seen that a lot of people only got it going by contacting SweetVinyl directly and getting walked through the process.
The are very nice people and are generally quick to respond to any problems. It took me hours to do it on my own!
Great thing once you get it up!

I just bought a used SC2 Plus, and it did not come with a manual.  No clue how to get it connected, and the both IOS and Android Sugar Cube apps do nothing and display the spinning circle of death. I emailed them 2 weeks ago asking about a manual but have heard nothing back.

I bought the last one that was available after the factory fire. It came with a usb drive to plug in and it set everything up and worked perfectly in about ten minutes. If you bought a used one without the operating system drive you might want to try and find one. It was a super piece of equipment and made all LPs playable with no loss of sound quality.