Scheu Turntable Importer in US?

Does anyone know if there’s a Scheu importer in the US?  

I recently purchased a used Cello and the speed is off.  Unfortunately, the potentiometer for speed adjustment doesn’t work at all.






I have a friend using the Scheu TT > OL Tonearm .

It has been modified using Origin Live components, especially the motor.

In their view it has been able to impress as much as no longer owned SME20/12.

Origin Live should be able to assist with improving the TT, if other avenues of investigation do not support your needs. 

Thanks for the info.

Figured out what I was doing wrong:  I was using the wrong knob to control the speed.  The toggle goes from center to the left and right.  Putting the toggle to the right is 33RPM.  But the knob on the left controls the speed, not the one in the same direction as the toggle switch.



I have a Das Laufwerk No2 and sounds like it has the same motor arrangement. Sounds like your switch has gotten turned 180 degrees. How big of a deal is this to you will decide if you want to open the motor up or not. It looks like there is just a nut on top that has to be removed to spin the switch, but I do not know that for certainty since I have no reason to have opened my motor up. But your table has its switch installed incorrectly. 

@audiodwebe I own two turntables, the scheu and a SOTA Cosmos Eclipse. The Scheu is a very capable table, its a bit more "CD like" than the SOTA, where the later is a bit richer, dense, and full. The Scheu has two tone arms, a schroder CB-1L and a Dynavector DV505, and its nice it can support the two cartridges. I could easily live with either table as my only one, and I am fortunate to own both. I listen the Scheu the most because that is where my casual cartridge is mounted, but the SOTA gets the majority of the play on the weekend. I hope you enjoy your table because it is a fine one. 

Thanks NK and PG,

I think in the turntable world, the Eurolab (now Scheu) Premier, is one of the most beautiful decks around.  I read a review about it some 20 or so years ago and have lusted after it since.  

Maybe one day… 

In relation to my first post, I have yesterday been demonstrated the same Schue TT, (Pronounced 'Shoy' I was told - Tomaatoes - Tomaytoes I was thinking when corrected).

The Schue on Demo' yesterday had a Upgrade Arm, which was the OL Conqueror IV and even though a unfamiliar System being in use, the Analogue Source impressed with a plenty on offer to want to experience it more in use, especially in more familiar Systems.

Scheu tables are superbly built. I own a ‘Das Laufwer2’ with a slate base. It benefitted majorly from switching the motor for a Teres Verus rimdrive

May be OBE now, but is Rutherford Audio still dealing with Scheu?

I have a 20 yr old Scheu (Eurolab) Premiere MK II (w/Moerch UP-4) that's still going strong (resides in my A/V system now)...fantastic combo.


I've got a Moerch UP-4 on my table, as well.  I like it.

I had a Gyrodec with a UP-4 way back when.  It had one of the Benz Woods on it.  Sold it to fund a used car for my daughter.  Crazy to think nowadays that a used car  could be bought with the proceeds of a turntable.

Have kept an eye out for a table with a UP-4 for a while now but they don't come up for sale often and when they do the prices were too high.  Happened upon the Scheu/Moerch combo for what I considered a good price right when I was  looking for a table and couldn't pass it up.

Going to try it with a Karat17D3 once I get the mounting screw.  Bought it used from an online retailer and it was sent out with just one screw and Idon't have one that fits.  More waiting.  Kinda sucks.