Scheu Turntable Importer in US?

Does anyone know if there’s a Scheu importer in the US?  

I recently purchased a used Cello and the speed is off.  Unfortunately, the potentiometer for speed adjustment doesn’t work at all.






@audiodwebe I own two turntables, the scheu and a SOTA Cosmos Eclipse. The Scheu is a very capable table, its a bit more "CD like" than the SOTA, where the later is a bit richer, dense, and full. The Scheu has two tone arms, a schroder CB-1L and a Dynavector DV505, and its nice it can support the two cartridges. I could easily live with either table as my only one, and I am fortunate to own both. I listen the Scheu the most because that is where my casual cartridge is mounted, but the SOTA gets the majority of the play on the weekend. I hope you enjoy your table because it is a fine one. 

Thanks NK and PG,

I think in the turntable world, the Eurolab (now Scheu) Premier, is one of the most beautiful decks around.  I read a review about it some 20 or so years ago and have lusted after it since.  

Maybe one day… 

In relation to my first post, I have yesterday been demonstrated the same Schue TT, (Pronounced 'Shoy' I was told - Tomaatoes - Tomaytoes I was thinking when corrected).

The Schue on Demo' yesterday had a Upgrade Arm, which was the OL Conqueror IV and even though a unfamiliar System being in use, the Analogue Source impressed with a plenty on offer to want to experience it more in use, especially in more familiar Systems.