Schiit Bifrost driver and Windows 10

Just a heads up and a reminder to do your research on every driver and program to make sure it will work on W10 before doing the upgrade.

I emailed Nick at Schiit Audio to see if the drivers on the Bifrost will work on W10 and here is his response.

"We do not officially support Windows 10 yet. The driver for Windows 8 may work but we cannot guarantee it."

I don't want to see anyone do the upgrade and then realize one little glitch won't allow his system to work correctly.
Windows 10? Be prepared to experience major disruptions of your digital life. As with most early adopters of anything, they get a lot of 'arrows' in their back, hey its what pioneers do. Let you digital life take a holiday on 'new', at least for a year. By that time drivers for all the major software packages will be tested and actually work. Have we not learned anything from Microsoft launch of 'new and improved' operating systems?