Schiit Freya+ Tube Recommendations

Hello all!...after much consideration - I've settled on a Schiit Freya+ preamplifier. Right out of the box, one tube was bad and caused some awful static in one channel. Luckily, a local friend had a good Tung-Sol tube that I could swap out with the bad one. I've contacted Schiit and am waiting to hear back about getting new tubes.

So, for now I have 3 of the stock JJ 6SN7 tubes, and one Tung-Sol.

First of all, a question for those who own these: Which pair of tubes (left or right) affects the sound more? I'm not sure I exactly understand the function of a cathode follower output stage (left) or differential voltage gain stage (right).

Secondly, my main question: What tubes sound best in the Freya+? At this point - I'm thinking Electro Harmonix or Tung-Sol. But what about NOS Westinghouse, RCA or GE?

I like very clear bass, if that changes any answers...and my speakers are Focal Aria 936

@branden_8091, hope your tube issues have been sorted out! I am curious to hear about tube recs for the Freya+ as well.

I've had mine for two weeks now and really like it! First batch of JJ 6SN7 tubes had some noise issues, but Schiit support was very on top of it and quickly sent out a new batch that have been working great. 

I like Viva tubes as they're sort of local for me (and, but also look at Ebay sellers with positive ratings and return policies, and you can find NOS GEs (my current fave) and others for the same cost as new Tung Sols (I have these also...sound pretty good)...I’ve owned my "original" Freya for a couple of years and had no issues with the supplied tubes (back then Russian 68HCs or something), no microphonics, all worked, but started rolling for fun immediately and settled on the GEs...great tubes...used in all 4 sockets. The "right" set of tubes supposedly has more influence as the voltage gain stage, and the lefts are cathode followers...I use the same age and type for all of ’em. I have sets of Sylvania Chrome Domes, new Tung Sols, more GEs, JJs (out of curiosity, they’re "meh")’s fun and a really great sounding preamp.
I have a Freya+ on order and just sold my original Freya today. A friend sent me some matched NOS Canadian GE 6SN7 tubes (two pairs of matched tubes, not a matched quad) and the difference was night and day over the stock pairs of Russian 6H8C Schiit provided. Tighter low-end, better detail resolution, more holography, more natural vocals, less fatiguing... everything was better, by leaps in some cases, stepwise in others. 

One of these GE NOS tubes seems to be a little noisy though, like random bits of static that needs to be discharged periodically. Creeps up now and then, and then vanishes for a while. Be interesting to see if it's a permanent phenomenon, or if it's something the tube just has to work out for itself... or if it needs a firm tap to dislodge something that shouldn't be lodged. (hehe)

Anyway, I found a YouTube review ( ) where the creator mentions using Canadian GE tubes. I found the video after I already had these tubes in-hand, but I agree wholeheartedly that they definitely take the (original) Freya to new heights.

Nos rca vt231 are great 1950s military 6sn7,  Raytheon make a very balanced tube 

a warmer tube the rca  VT-231  the GE are middle of the pack  Real Tungsold early 1950s round top getter are great  but not cheap , as are original 1940s Sylvania with Silver colors on the bottom.