scratched disc and sharpie marker

I thought I read some where that you can fix a scratched disc with a sharpie magic marker? I searched the archives but couldn't find it. does anyone know if this will work and if there is any special way to do it???? thanks
I can't recall the details, but perhaps it was a Natalie Imbruglia disc that had some sort of break between two digital sections, and someone used a Sharpie to bridge the two sections. I'm sorry but I'm not very clear on this.

I do know that it was not to fix a scratched disc.

The best product you can use is from "NOVUS," You know, them people that fix them rock chips in your Windshield!!! They have a Plastic Polish & Scratch remover compound that they make in three stages, (1)Fine (2)Medium (3)Heavy, they cost about $8.95 a bottle, you most likely would never need #3 so just grab a bottle of #1 & #2, This stuff works.. I never heard of a sharpie maker working and dont see how it can. The plastic maybe scratched on your disc but that does not mean the data area is scratch. the data is burned into the back side of the label and if you use a marker on the side of the disk that the lazor reads then I would think it could not read through the mark that the pen made, same go's for a disc that has scratchs on the label face, hold it up to a light, if you can see light through the disc then that data is gone. Remember, the disc itself is just a piece of clear plastic that is protecting the data burned into the back side of the label.