Seeking amplifier information

Gentlemen, I am seeking to purchase a solid state amp. I have had tubes but I am getting tired of retubing and rebiasing. Enough said about that. I am considering a number of amps and I have gotten quite a bit of feedback on all, from friends and aquaintences except Jeff Rowlands 112 power amp. It sits well within my budget as I want to buy new. The information I seek is in terms reliability, build quality, company reputation etc. I will judge the sound with my own ears as all ears are not created equally. I see in the forums that there are quite a few who are familiar with Rowland. Thank you in advance for any information you may have.
Check out the Audio Research 100.2 it is a solid state amp. It is not as expensive as Rolands, but I love the sweet sound it has.
I auditioned the Mk-V version of the BEL 1001 monoblock amplifiers last week ($7700/pr) and have new respect for solid state. For about half of this, you can get a "previously heard" Krell FBP 300 (mucho-more-macho) but you lose the monoblock advantage as well as the four channels (in stereo mode) you can apply toward a home-theater setup.
I can only speak for Krell. There service is outstanding. I bought a used FPB 200 from a listing on the Internet. After a few months of use the amp started to smoke and smell. I called Krell and explained what had happened. They asked for the SN# and gave me a Return Authorization Number. They never asked where or how I got the amp. I shipped it to them the next day. I received no phone calls for three weeks, so I called them with my Master Card in hand thinking “This is gonna make a dent! Their service person said “I just left a message on your machine, your amp was shipped this morning” I asked how much! She replied NO Charge!!!!! The amp has been outstanding ever since it was returned. Oh ya did I say a real person answered the phone at KRELL and said Good Morning, not pick from the following menu!