Seeking Information Re: JBE III DD Tutntable

Seeking Information Only as you will see. Well it had to happen sometime I guess I bought the above off Ebay by mistake as I forgot to cancel it from my sniping list, so serves me right!!!! But, I would like to know if anyone out there knows anything about the history of this t/t. I know its a slate-bed, with a direct-drive bolted to the slate bed and ostensibly drilled for an SME arm ( I'm assuming 3009 II improved) the whole lot appears to sit on MIcro-Seiki pneumatic shock-absorbing feet. I am looking for as much info as I can find: who made it / reviews / was it any good etc. Regards
It was a tt with a plinth made of Welsh slate, introduced circa 1978. I heard a demo at a show where it was compared to (and quite favorably I seem to remember) with a similarly equipped Linn Sondek (SME3, V15mk3). I think it sold for about 200 UKP back then. The company probably stopped trading about 2-3 years later, as it was then impossible for any audio infidels to challenge the existance of the Linn God. That didn't happen until the Oracle.