Seeking Repair for Bose 1801 (Tallahassee to Atlanta)

I’ve got a very well kept Bose 1801 amp that I’d like to get checked over and recapped if necessary. It has what appears to be a 60hz hum, likely from the y in unshielded 1/4in inputs. I have some skill, but not enough to DIY and possibly blow up a cherry amp. 
I’m located between Tallahassee FL and Atlanta GA and make regular trips to both. Tallahassee is much closer though. I’m hoping someone here might have a recommendation for a good technician that might be able to service this beast. Shipping is not an option, it’s way too heavy and precious. 


Wow an 1801. I have not seen one of those since the debut of the amp at an L.A. audio show. I'm not sure I would put any money into repairing an amp that old. I doubt the output devices are available anymore. Blow one component that is obsolete and you have a boat anchor. I'd just buy a new amp or a used amp that is not as old.

Good amp, but I don't have a repair shop suggestion for your area. Doesn't sound too serious, maybe a bad input cable? Remove both inputs to the amp and see if still hums, It's definitely not an output device, more likely input cable or capacitor. Might want to check or post on

Thanks for the recommendation for diyaudio. I’ve done some basic tests and it’s definitely related to the input jacks and possibly the hot power wire. But messing around inside that amp scares me 😂.