Seems like a lot of folks are putting their Primaluna amps for sale...

No agenda here, just surprised how many new/newish/older Primaluna amps and integrateds are for sale as of late. Nothing but great reviews and a lot of fans out there. Any negatives or not-so-happy customers?

PL is pretty good for the money... I demo'd several pairs of speakers with them and I thought they sounded great.... but then I thought about how great my Quicksilver amps are and they were half the money and twice as good.  Built in USA and built to last.    

I've got my cheapo Prologue One cranked up at the moment, listening to Wagner's Lohengrin from an old Angel/EMI LP.  Lovely vocal & string tone. 3D. Enjoyable if not shatteringly effective dynamics. I could care less about upgrading.

I had a Prologue Premium Preamp that I upgraded to a Dialogue Premium Preamp. I thought I could listen further into the music with the Prologue. 

For me, I got tired of the PL house sound and sold it. Kept my CJ 17LS2 and am currently using a Don Sachs DS2.

Different strokes.

Thanks for listening..