Selah Sa-1's Damaged During Shipment


I recently made my first ever purchase from audiogon not a week ago. I bought a pair of Selah Sa-1's with premium crossovers. When I plugged everything in and tested them out, the left channel speaker would not play any bass. Turns out the woofer on it was not working.

I took the back plate off where the binding posts are to find that the copper coil was just sitting on top of the foam. The connections to the boards were severed. I took the copper coil out and set it aside. The coil was damaged a little, it was obvious the coil was rattling around in there because the plastic on the outside of it was peeling. I paid over $500 for these and now I feel disappointed. I have no clue how to take the cabinet apart to fix the coil. I do not even have any electrical knowledge of the sort. Does anyone have any suggestions to resolve this problem?
This could hardly be anything but shipping damage. Inform the seller immediately. He will have to initiate a claim with the carrier. You should also contact the carrier yourself. Tell them that the unit was damaged internally and does not work. Do it as quickly as you possibly can. The longer you wait, the greater the chance that the carrier will refuse a claim. If that happens, you will have to pay for repairs yourself.
Had you considered contacting Selah Audio? It is possible that when the connections are restored/reconnected,that the speakers may be up and running.
From what I have heard ,customer service is very good.
I am in contact with the seller and he has offered to fix the item if I ship it back to him.

I filed a claim with UPS today online. Hopefully they will get back to me...
UPS in my experience will delay before sending an inspector to look at the damage. You may have to insist, with multiple phone calls--I did.

When the inspector eventually does get there, he/she will ask to see the original packing. If the packing is not available, or inadequate in his/her opinion, the claim will be refused. If it is not refused, the claim will still be delayed while UPS contacts the seller and pays him the value of the damage. You will have to get any compensation back from the seller.

It may be simpler and not much more costly to ship the speaker back to the seller for repair.

Thanks for keeping us posted. Best of luck!