Self Powered Outdoor Speakers

I have a similar thread going in the PC Audio section with not much response.

Can anyone recommend a powered outdoor speaker to use in connection with a wireless server? I have a couple of systems in the house connected to my iMac, one using Apple TV and another using a ROKU Soundbridge. I would like to move the music outdoors, but can't run speaker cable from inside the house, so an Airport Express/ powered speaker set-up seems to be the best way to go.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I have been looking at this exact setup for a friend. The closest thing I could find was a set of Polk Atrium 45p.

If the link didnt work, it was to crutchfield. Dont know much more about them and havent heard them yet.
Sadly, the Crutchfield site notes that these are not recommended for outdoor use due to the built in amplifiers.
Why not go to a guitar center store or other pro sound dealer and listen to some of the powered speakers they sell. You might find one you like.
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Russound makes an in-wall WiFi streamer w/BT and Alexa compatible amp that may be helpful. I tried 3 other 'solutions' to get music on our lanai, including Zone B from an AVR,  an in-wall BT only amp, and a pair of Echo speakers. Only the Echo solution actually worked, but the SQ was meh. The Russound wired up to my in-ceiling Polks sounds really nice, with an oddly entertaining overhead stereo soundstage and image.