Self powered speakers for Benchmark Dac1 Pre

Hi all

I'm thinking of switching gears a little and assembling a second system for the office using a Benchmark DAC1 Pre. I thought it would be interesting to match the Benchmark up with self powered/active speakers for a minimalist set up. Anyone have any suggestions under around $1k?

Obvious choices would include Quads, Dynaudios, maybe powered Paradigms. Any others?

The room is about 10 ft by 10 ft and I listen to a variety of music at moderate volume.



Bam! The Emotiva Airmotiv powered monitor line.

This latest generation of air motion folded ribbon tweeters are quick, articulate, and best of all naturally smooth and easy to listen to. They also show up in the GoldenEar products and the MartinLogan Motion Series, but it's Emotiva's pro line that puts them in compact powered monitors.
I bought the Quad 12L Actives for my bedroom system last year. I really like them. I use an Emotiva DAC and run the signal through a Grant Fidelity tube buffer, then to the Quads.

Only thing to remember is good power conditioning, as noise in the power lines can transfer to system hum.