Sell 3rd channel separate?

I'm the original owner of MIT (3) MH-750 Plus Series-3 10-foot speaker cables, (3) MI-330 Series-2 interconnects, and (2) pairs Terminator-2 component interface cables, all in excellent condition.

Should I sell the 3rd channel separately? Ie. harder to sell a single cable vs. a 3-pack.
Should I sell the MI-330's with the MH-750's or separately? Ie. split up this matched set or not.

Reasons for selling- no longer have a listening room, no longer use this system for home theater. Thanks.
Oddball cables are hard to sell no matter what the combination. 3, or 1, either would be a difficult sell.
Just as cables with RCA's on one end and XLR plugs on the other end are a difficult sell. I think in the end you will find it easier to sell the 3rd channel separately, but who knows for sure? Good luck.
This is yur only post or thread. Check posting rules because This seems to be an ad
No, this is not an ad. But I will be placing an ad(s), now that I know how many ads it should be.
I would post it as one ad, and let the potential buyers decide whether to buy 3 together or separate them. I would certainly offer the best price to someone willing to take all 3 of them.