Set up problem?

Looking for some direction, I'm still pretty new at this. I have a Music hall MMF 9.1. On every record I play I hear a lot of noise from the left channel. I get some from the right channel, which to me sounds like a normal amount of surface noise, but the left channel seems like more than that. Could this be a problem with set up?

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To make sure it is the cartridge you might also switch the leads from the cartridge to the arm but this is probably unnecessary, just make sure it is not the interconnect (unlikely) by changing out the left for right interconnect , i.e. switching both ends.
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The noise switched from left to right after I switched the IC's going into the JD9 from the turntable. I did not switch the ones going into my preamp.
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I switched both ends and the noise is still in the left channel. The leads are secure.