Setting memory setting switches on Onkyo T909 tuner

Does anyone know how to set the memory setting switches on the high end Onkyo T909 tuner from the 70's? There are a series of 7 vertical rows of small switches marked with letters A through H that somehow are adjusted in conjunction with a row of red LEDS on the far left to set and align the memory settings. I have been unable to find a manual or copy thereof to allow me to set these settings. I am not sure if it has 7 presets or up to 56. Please help, this is a GREAT sounding tuner. Thanks! Daveyguitar.
Onkyo's of that vintage usually have a "memory" button. You put on the station on you want; push the memory button and then the preset you want. I believe is is 56 presets. If your labels are worn off, then try differenct buttons, until you find the memory button.
1. Tune your station using the scan switch.
2. Lower the dip switch array door.
3. Pull out the programming stylus.
4. Note the lamps lit in the diode array. For a station at 90.15 led lamps B,C,D,I, and J will light. Choose the progam memory where you want this station to show up. Simply move dip switches B,C,D,I and J to the right. From this point on everytime the program memory button you selected will tune your tuner to the station at 90.15.