SF Elipsa Red and solid state amplifiers, advice ?

Hi all,
I need an advice for very good SS power amplifiers that can match my SF Elipsa Red and my preamplifier Mc C2500.
But... first of all, a little history of my previous choices :-)

"in the beginning" my choice was to SF Elipsa Red because the matching with my Itus RI-100 integrated amplifier was excellent.
Driving the Elipsas for almost a year, my wish was to make a big jump in therms of power without loosing Vitus musicality.

You can ask: why not the next step in Vitus amps? Because of two reasons: physical space (Vitus SS102 depth is too much) and budget. Not considered RS100 because the sound is too close to RI-100.

My best listening and a good improvement was in Mcintosh C2500 (fantastic) and 452 poweramp.
Everything seemed to be clearly decided: I got the C2500 and my intention was to buy the 452 in a next step.
Because at the moment I had no power amplifier, I connected e friend's old-35W-classA Audio Exclusiv P1 and the resulting sound was Punch and Velvet, first class!

Wow... 35 watts even if high peak current are not enough, the amplifier has its limits like listening fatigue at high volume due to distortion (maybe) but... it is simply amazing.

Now, before going to 452, my wish is to test something else, high power, good punch, visceral but in the same time with high class mids and treeble.
BTW Mc452 is a great power amp, in my opinion the bass can be better. Budget: not more than 452 price (I can consider used devices).

My listenings are Rock, Electronica, Jazz, Vocals. I am not a classical music fan, my listenings in classical music are not so much.

This is the actual situation, any advice based on your experience will be greatly appreciated, thanks !