Shakti Stone?

My dealer is sending me one to "audition" It will be tried either on my Pass Aleph-3 or Rogue Audio 99 preamp.The 99 has an outboard power supply.The 99 has 4 line-stage tubes and 4 phono tubes.With the outboard power supply with the 99 can there still be a chance it will do its magic or is the Aleph-3 the likely candidate to wear the stone.Has anyone had any big improvements with a Shakti Stone??
Ben Piazza of Shakti has been infiltrating the automotive industry. It seems that the addition of the Shakti "On-Lines" on the computers and coil wiring on factory sponsored racing motorcycles, makes a 750 seem more like riding an 850. So, for those of you with more than one hobby, this may be a fun experiment. Happy motoring!
Is it true that you can add some of the LP#9 to the gasoline of the 750 Motorcycle and make it like a 1000?
Ladies and Gentlemen, I have to tell you all about the marvelous tweek my local HiFi shop sold me the other day. He sold me two hours consulting time with a Feng Shui consultant for only $8000.00. The consultant recommended I never connect power to my amp, pre-amp or CD because when they are turned on they generate much too much EMF's. She also recommended I immediately throw the speakers out in the trash because the magnets in them are too powerful and also causing too much EMF. After conplying with these and a few other expert suggestions I found that my stereo sounded much less bright; as a matter of fact there were no highs at all, and much less muddy in the bass and midrange; as a matter of fact there was no bass and midrange. Well, looks as if it has made striking improvements in the sound of my system. The brightness and muddiness is indeed gone. Sure was worth the $8000 and certainly less expensive than that $95,000 power cord he sold me last month. But wait a minute...there was no sound :-)
Gmkowal, I cannot tell if you are having fun, or don't believe in the effects of magnetics. Actually the post about the motorcycles by *Recres* is a true story. Evidently reducing the "hash" in the on board computer of racing vehicles (motorcycles and cars) improves the performance. Obviously in this application, any detriment to the sound of the exhaust system (ala audio) is of no concern to the driver. As far as my remark about the performance gain with LP#9, on motorcycles, the poster *Recres* is the inventor of this product and I know him well enough to like to tease him.
Albert, you may be onto something here, LP#9 as an additive for gasoline. Hmmm ...