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Serious Power Problems with my HPA2
Sounds like the problem is in your amp. I would be curious to know what the voltage is at the end of the long extension cord when plugged into your neighbors house? Have you tried physically bringing the amp to your neighbors house and plugging th... 
What is a "line level input"?
Generally a line level preamp is a device that provides gain only. Most devices require gain only. A phonograph, without getting too technical, requires equalization ( or filter if you will ) to match the standard RIAA response curves of the LP. 
converting standard cable to balanced
You can convert if you wish. You will need to find a set of baluns. These are transformers that convert your signal and ground to 2 isolated signal (1 signal and 1 return ) and a ground. 
Are Carver amps worth a damn?
Brutus, You obviously have never listened to a pair of Silver 7's. I do not like most of Carver's stuff but your statement is wrong! I think most who have listened to the Silver 7's will agree that they were superb. 
Shakti Stone?
Al, I was just poking some fun. Just taking the opportunity to make a post on the lighter side of audio, nothing more, nothing less. I hope it gave you a chuckle. 
Shakti Stone?
Ladies and Gentlemen, I have to tell you all about the marvelous tweek my local HiFi shop sold me the other day. He sold me two hours consulting time with a Feng Shui consultant for only $8000.00. The consultant recommended I never connect power t... 
Digital Smear???
Sorry Albundy, no sympathy here either. What you have done with this dealer is pathetic. How would you feel if you were in their shoes. You may be older but I seriously question if you are wiser. 
Cleaning cd players
I recommend that you do not use any liquids when cleaning the lens on your CD player. The reason for this is twofold. Most liquids will leave a film which is not desireable in itself, but you also risk the film aiding in the accumulation of dust p... 
Fast Amplifier
Sean, in my experience quite a few of the manufacturers also include a low pass filter in their high bandwidth amplifier designs. If an amplifier's pass band extends well above 100KHz it is also capable of amplifing RF signals which may not be a d... 
Hum from Florescent light
Trelja, Sorry, just had another thought pop into this thick skull of mine. If the interconnects are connected to your preamp this may be worth a look. On my preamp there is a terminal for a ground connection. Verify that you have a wire connected ... 
Hum from Florescent light
Trelja, I know this may sound whacky but try turning around your interconnects. Some of them have the shield grounded at one end only. If the shield is not finding a connection to ground it is not serving as a shield at all. Give it a try. If it w... 
Hum from Florescent light
Perfectimage, your problem is not RFI and I doubt isolating the light will help either. The key here is the word HUM, which almost anyone with knowledge of electronics relates to 60Hz energy. RFI filters are for filtering RADIO FREQUENCY INTERFERE... 
SS vs Tube: What do you hear?
Shubertmaniac, love your handle. Thanks for the reccomendation! I will add them to my list of must listen to amps for consideration. 
Upgrade Time Again.... please help
Thank you Snook2. Any idea ( I am actually afraid to ask ) how much money the a50v is? Oh, and I agree, that is insane! 
SS vs Tube: What do you hear?
Trelja, I think the reference to tube type sound in a solid state amp is a reference to the solid state amp having some 2nd order distortion similar to a tube amp. This 2nd order distortion is what gives the tube amp it's inherent sweetness or as ...