Shakti Stone?

My dealer is sending me one to "audition" It will be tried either on my Pass Aleph-3 or Rogue Audio 99 preamp.The 99 has an outboard power supply.The 99 has 4 line-stage tubes and 4 phono tubes.With the outboard power supply with the 99 can there still be a chance it will do its magic or is the Aleph-3 the likely candidate to wear the stone.Has anyone had any big improvements with a Shakti Stone??
Albert, you may be onto something here, LP#9 as an additive for gasoline. Hmmm ...
Albert-VPI has recently come out with a "New Improved" version of the Magic Brick. Was wondering if you know if this version is still a problem with the magnetic field of the component?
Al, I was just poking some fun. Just taking the opportunity to make a post on the lighter side of audio, nothing more, nothing less. I hope it gave you a chuckle.
Gmkowal, I too like to have fun, what kind of site would this be if it never had a light side? Gmele, I have no experience with the new VPI brick. Probably the only person who could accurately answer the question would be Harry at VPI. I don't know if they abandoned the original idea or just added or changed some of the plates inside to effect the sound differently. There are probably products that are improved with both the old and new version of the VPI. My own experience was negative, but conflicting results are to be expected in high end audio.