She's on to me

I got home from work today and my wife said "do we have new speakers or something?" "What do you mean?", I say. "Well, the stereo has been on all day and you don't usually leave it on, unless there's a reason." "No we don't have new speakers! Do they look new? I just forgot to turn it off before I left for work". However, I said nothing about the pre-amp I just bought or the cables that I was burning in. ; )

She's getting smart.
When my wife graduates with her Masters degree next year, life will be good for us both.

A very decent car for her, and a pair of VAC Standard 160 Music Blocs for me !! YEAH !!!!

(maybe a couple pair of Virtual Dynamics Revelation interconnects, she's used to deliveries by Carl, our UPS driver)
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Props to the spouse for noticing the sound had changed/improved? I to get much delight in switching things about from time to time as well, just to get the same reaction...My last adventure was introducing some Stealth "Indras" into the mix. A obvious improvement in sound that stood out like a sore thumb! when asked what had changed? I simply stated "wires" with a wicked grin, her comment was good choice.
Been married 16 yrs with two kids. Like I said, some of you have taken this WAY too seriously. Aren't we suppose to be having fun?
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