Shielding questions from a neophyte


I'm just getting into mid-fi from the mass-market stuff. I recently purchased a nice Roksan Kandy amp and CD player, and a set of Quad 12L speakers. I have just gotten interconnects and speaker cable from Signal Cable.

I have questions about shielding and electrical interference issues.

The Kandy amp and CD are supposed to be left on under normal circumstances. However, when I was going away for a few days and did turn them off, there was a disturbing buzz in the speakers for about 2-3 seconds. I tried this again with the Paradigm Monitor 3s I was previously using, and heard nothing. However, when I turn off a nearby table lamp, I sometimes hear a pop or buzz in the Paradigms as well as the Quads.

My room also has a computer and monitor. I bought a separate surge protector for the audio components, but the two surge protectors do go into the same pair of outlets in the wall.

What is a realistic solution for the concerns I have about interference? Am I risking damaging the speakers permanently?

Any help greatly appreciated--

Tim Newcomb
Although I don't believe that what you heard upon turn-off would have anything to do with speaker shielding or lack thereof, to address your general question, speaker shielding is done to protect nearby TV screens from visual interference caused by the drivers' magnetic fields. The possibility you seeem to ask about, of damage to unshielded speakers themselves from nearby equipment, should not be a cause for concern.