Short USB cables choices

Simple question: what 1/2 meter USB cable do I want to buy? I know there is stuff in the archives but I'd like current opinions. Thanks!
Within the last two weeks there was heated discussion on AA, (Computer Audio Asylum, sub category) where a member with an extremely revolving system said he heard an extreme improvement in his system when he substituted a $500 Tesla USB cable for a $20 Belden Gold cable. The indignant flames from the computer "expert" sorts, completely ignoring the subjective observation of the audiophile who listened, was unbelievable. Check it out.
Kimber makes a nice and inexpensive USB cable, runs around $50 and is a clear improvement over the ones normally used for PC's.
Since they deliver 1's and 0's I would be interested in knowing how there would be an appreciable difference. Shielding issues would show up immediately would not get anything.