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Why would I need Roon?
FAQ: What's Radio and how does it work?What is Roon Radio?How do I start playing Roon Radio?How do I customize my Roon Radio queue?Roon Radio FAQsWhat is Roon Radio?Designed from the ground up with machine learning technology, Roon Radio can play ... 
Why would I need Roon?
There are numerous ease of use reasons to use Roon. SQ is at least as good if not better than other choices, but the major benefits are best understood by the true Music Lover, rather than the pure audiophile.  Artist's bios, album essays, photos,... 
New "smaller" Sound Labs anyone heard them?
Yes, the 545's are in my home and are wonderful. There are several reviews available on line- perhaps you have already found them. I'm in San Francisco- if you'd like to come hear them, send me a PM. 
Albert Porter
Thanks- Yes, I too used to participate, and he did too, frequently. Did a quick search today, and couldn't find any posts. I understand. Audiogon isn't what it once was. Sad. 
Why do no audio enthusiasts use McIntosh?
"Why do no audio enthusiasts use McIntosh?"Not true!Over on the Audio AudioAficionado Forum( you will find many Mac enthusiats who have very fine systems which also often include some of the very best gear from othe... 
Stands for Sound Lab M-1PX speakers?
"How many Stillpoints and what locations have you found that work best Tom?"My U-1PX's are on 4 Ultra 5's with threaded studs into where the spikes would normally be. With M-1PX's, I would do the same, but if you didn't want to spend as much, you ... 
Pono anyone?
"Yes ayre is a company in my opinion, most definitely lacks honesty and integrity to the point that I make sure my friends stay clear of them. ayre to me is just a bunch of fancy mostly empty boxes with the gain turned up deliberately to try to ge... 
Stands for Sound Lab M-1PX speakers?
Why would you want stands? The best sonic improvement is to put them on Stillpoints. Pricy, but worth it. 
Is digital contamination that big of a deal?
How big a deal it is depends on the quality of one's audio system and it's ability to resolve fine detail, as well as the listener's ability to discern small differences. 
PLEASE: Re Oppo 105 Darbee
In it's stock form, the Oppo 105 is excellent for it's price. The Modwrite Truth Modification turns it in to a serious competitor to the Esoteric at a fraction of the price.Reviews:Modwright-Oppo BDP-105 with “Truth” Modifications | The ...www.the... 
Is Vinyl Worth It
"Aren't all of todays recordings actually recorded and mastered in digital? So do they convert these recordings to analog for vinyl distribution? Seems like a weak link to me for the vinyl crowd."While it is true today's recordings are done digita... 
hmmm? oppo 105d content
You should consider the Modwright Truth Mod. It takes the 105 to a whole new level, which could never be called "lean." 
Is Vinyl Worth It
If you have to ask the question, it means you have never heard vinyl done really well. 
Try Stillpoints footers under Power Conditioner?
Yes. Highly effective in my system under a Shunyata Triton and Typhon. According to Stillpoints, this is the 2nd most effective application after the speakers. 
Electrostatic speakers and low volume resolution
Perhaps your observation is not true of all electrostatic speakers, certainly not mine. IMO, In a well set up system, Sound Lab electrostatic speakers retain their ability to present an exceptionally full bodied and rich presentation with full res...