Should I stick with my old TT or buy new?

I have an old (26yrs.) Technics SL1700 direct drive TT in mint condition. I had it upgraded with a new Rega cartrige and Linn phono cables a few years back and it does sound OK to me. My question is - Is it worth it sonicly to take the plunge and buy a newer design with current TT technology? Are newer turntable really in that much of a different league as old ones? I am considering the Clearaudio Emotion/Satisfy/Aurum Classics Wood cartridge combo.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated
Some turntables are in a different league to old ones. There have been huge advances over the last 30 years. The key developments have been in reducing resonance, better bearings and tonearm quality.

Your Technics has good speed stability and is probably limited by the tonearm design. If it's possible to fit a better arm (e.g. Rega RB250 or some derivative) and a Dynavector 10X or 20X (high output) you would have a significant upgrade.

If you're tempted to change tables, those driven by rubber drive belts won't give the speed stability you are used to. Don't buy anything unless you have heard a convincing demonstration.

I think the Clearaudio turntables I've heard are great to look at however, to my ears, acrylic sounds a little lightweight - they are at their best on female vocals with acoustic guitars but not so good on rock and large orchestral.
If you have a large LP collection (>500 with plans to add more) and you want to try a really snazzy cartridge ($1700 to $6000 +) you need to upgrade (mostly to do the expensive cartridge justice.)

The table itself is excellent and easy to maintain. And the stock arm will still provide good performance with any of the MM or mid-priced MC cartridges.

BTW, it looks like there is renewed interest in manufacturing high-end direct drive TTs again. I understand Teres has one in the works. Lots of interesting info at:
If it's possible to fit a better arm (e.g. Rega RB250 or some derivative)

The general perception is that Rega makes a better arm that Matsuhita. It's just a perception...

Used to have a 1700. It's not like the 1200--and the 1200 can be easily modded.