Should Sound Quality of Computer Audio be improved

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Apparently some have more Freedom Of Speech than others! I
don't know how many times I have said it, I want Computer
Audio to succeed! It will only succeed if Computers are designed from the ground up to reproduce Music (Same minimum standard applied for Equipment of ALL Audio Formats)! This is common sense Audio Engineering Design. Bandaid Modifications cannot be substituted for absence in design to produce Music! Design it right to EARN the right to become a New Audio Format- same as all other Audio Formats! No Freebee's, No Cutting Corners! Lack of design is what's causing such varied results in S.Q. between
listeners of Computer Audio. I see about 50% negative
responses here on these Threads. It will continue to happen unless you fix it! Blaming me won't help! I am an
Engineer, and I can read results! 50/50 success/ failure
rate- you have an inherit Engineering Design Flaw for the
reproduction of Music via Computers! Shock! Suprise- since
they were never designed for Music! So when is someone finally going to properly design the Equipment/Computer
(From the ground up) for Computer Audio? Do we continue
to treat any real criticism as "HERESY" in the lack of
design in Computer Audio for Music? You tell me what I am
allowed to talk about, and we will both know!

Hey, Petty Officer,

This may Sound Crazy, but I got this really Strong Feeling that you, like, Own an entire Factory that runs Around the Clock and produces Nothing but Straw Men? If this is True, would it be Possible for the Members here to Order some?

Just Wondering...
Of course there are failures in S.Q. with other Formats.
That doesn't mean that there weren't design goals built
in to the Formats, and it certainbly isn't for lack of trying. What, pray tell, are the Audio design goals of
Computer Manufacturer's (Microsoft, Apple, Macintosh...
etc.) in designing their Operating Systems? In Windows 7,
in Windows 8? These guy's will tell you to your face, that
they have no intention of ever trying to improve anything
Computer Audio! Unlike you, THEY DON"T LIKE MUSIC! They
would rather play games, watch movies, or design new Apps.
for their Operating Systems. These guy's will always be
the Achilles Heel of Computer Audio, and can only drag
down this Format. Their O.S. designs create fluxuations
in S.Q. results for Computer Audio, because they are not
designed for Computer Audio. Customers who end up on the
short end of this, will always drag down Computer Audio.
You know what is broken, yet argue against fixing it. Are
you serious about Computer Audio replacing all other Formats, or not? Then atleast find SOMEONE who is willing
to design Computer Audio for that purpose. It is not going to fall from the sky, and you are not going to get any
"Love" from Microsoft- and the rest of the gang. So...
besides throwing rocks, what else are you going to do to
improve the design/reliabilty/consistency of Computer
You want Computer Audio, then do something about it- I
DARE YOU! Now that should do it. I happen to love Music,
unlike you know who- that you are relying on to design the
O.S. for Computer Audio. I am NOT the one holding you back!
Upnp streaming with a PS audio completely bypasses the computer operating system. There are others that do the same I believe.
Streaming from where, the Internet, Computer Hard Drive,
Thumbnail Memory Stick, PS Audio Memory Buffer? Downloading
is supposed to lead to "Soon all new Music will only be
available as Music Downloads". You want an entire Album
from HD Tracks in High Rez. Download, how do you get that
without downloading through your O.S.? You are still going to need some Web Browser Internet Access to gain access to
these High Res. Music Files. How do you pay for it online?
Yes it is true that the audiophile is a very small niche market for the Computer companies to care about. But this has always been true by most [mass market] audio manufactures with regards to high end gears suitable for audiophile. Therefore, slow progress is to be expected.

But things are looking good...There are many here who have abandon the CD player as a source (including the SACD!). The glass is half full.