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What is the science behind audiophile fuses?
as scientists we always stay on the shoulders of giants (Feynman citation, I believe) This predates Feynman by quite a few years.  From Wikipedia: [The] metaphor of dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants(Latin: nanos gigantum humeris insi... 
"The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down".
bdp24  08-13-2023 at 11:35pm  I respect the Hell out of Joan Baez. But she became the object of derision amongst myself and my peers when she sang "till so much calvary came" instead of the correct "till Stoneman’s calvary came" in "The Nig... 
Aidiogon is Da Bomb!
  llg98ljk 75 posts 07-01-2023 at 11:53am  "nattering nabobs of negativism"; Credit Spiro Agnew for that. Those of us old enough to remember. Except that line was actually written by speechwriter William Safire. Man, those were the good o... 
Audio News
@rtacconi  Malicious links posted by bots who have just “joined” Audiogon show up here with great regularity.  Seems yours is legit, so please accept my apologies.  But since many members here seem oblivious to the danger, I think it’s better to ... 
Audio News
Rather suspicious—I’d recommend NOT clicking the link!  
Can/Is AI Used To Post Threads on Audigon?
@vonhelmholtz  These bots have been around for quite a few months.  They are not attempting to insinuate themselves into our inner sanctum by pretending to be knowledgeable members.  Think of them as “phishing” expeditions.  Their only purpose is... 
Question about how analog audio recording works
You guys know you’re talking to a bot, right?  
Why are there no newer clip-on headphones?
Bots have ears??  
Feature request -- editable titles for new threads
@roxy54  And there is an increasingly large number of posters here that are not people at all, but rather bots 🤖, of which our “bake in the sun” contributor is definitely one!  
Question about how analog audio recording works
Take Albert Einstein, he figured out the theory of relativity in his head! As opposed to Issac Newton, who figured out his laws of motion in his knee?  
Feature request -- editable titles for new threads
Speaker for the car and can bake in the sun? rather than... "Speakers for the car which can withstand the sun" Think you’ll need to take that up directly with the bot that posted it…  
Closed back or IEMs for in-room livestream mixing?
No!  I can’t believe it!  @ammy53 is a bot??  Incredible! @erik_squires - it’s really nice that you’re always willing to be so helpful, just seems like frequently when you are quick to render aid you end up engaging with a bot. Luckily, I think ... 
Will earbuds with anc reduce loud gym music?
Say it ain’t so Joe: @lloyd64 is a bot?!?! Who could have possibly seen this coming??  
I am thinking of buying a evf6734, any comments? Yeah, I checked with Puddy, and he says there’s a mistake in the manual.  
Audiophiles on Audiogon.
fertguy 214 posts 04-27-2023 at 11:27pm  fusian Gotta say I miss him on here.  Very sharp guy. That’s a good one, fertguy! I’d say if you’re looking for the poster boy for someone who is a legend in their own mind, then surely MC’s got ya...