Shun Mook Ultra Diamond Resonators

These equipment feet are available for more than a decade now. With all the new developments of the last years are they still state of the art? Last months I listened to Harmonix tuning feet with good results. Nevertheless I’m looking to buy used Shun Mook Ultra (or Giant) resonators but got no response.

Is that because they are still the best and everybody keeps them?
Or are they so rarely sold that there is no used market?
I have not tried these. I have found that the Harmonix tuning feet work ok, but not as well as the Q-dampers, particularly the large Q-dampers, from ART in Italy. I am going to try some titanium cones under my speakers soon. It would be interesting to hear from others about the Shun Mooks. I have had a lot more success with the Harmonix tuning bases on speakers. I have not used them on equipment.
I own 3 sets of the gaint Mook resonators and will NEVER sell them, they are by far the best feet out there. Yes, eXpensive but once heard hard to do without. I have not heard the Harmonix feet so can't comment.
Just got my UDR's. They sound fabulous. I have never heard any feet sound so good. They just clean things up and make everything so natural.

I have not tried the Harmonix feet but have used their record weight. I have since sold it and replaced it with a Shun Mook ebony clamp. The Shun Mook is definitely a giant step beyond the Harmonix.
Harmonix and Shun Mook don't do anything against spurious resonance: they add resonance. So the sound with these devices is system's sound + the sound of the devices. It's of an additive nature (and not subtractive). Is this the goal of audiophiles: to add a color to the reproduced sound?

Hi Chris, everything has a sound of it's own. Most damping devices don't damp linearly across the spectrum (0.5Hz- 20kHz). Most damp out certain frequencies effectively leaving many other frequencies undamped. Sometimes this can cause more harm than good. Just like an EQ with certain bands pushed all the way down.

IMO, resonance reduction is only effective if you get rid of them all or reduce it across the spectrum. A vibraplane or the Minus K platform achives this effortlessly. I have my TT on one of these devices and they do a great job.

Harmonix and Shun Mook work on the principles of tuning the resonant frequency just like a musical instrument. If you can't get rid of it all, may as well make it work to your favour. Both have advantages.

Hi Genesis 168,

Can you please tell me where you have put the UDR's?? CD player, Amp, or Pre-amp?

I understand that you are able to tune in the sound by rotating them, is this true? Is it difficult to do?

Are you using any other devices with the UDR's.

Look forward to hearing your experience as i am interested in using them.
I use them under my power amp, preamp. Yes you can tune the sound by turning them...believe it or not. Even my wife can tell the difference. Before the UDR's, I have used BDR shelves, pucks and cones. They worked very well until the UDR's came.
24th July 2020

I am on the look out for 2 sets, ie 6 pieces of Ultra Shun Mook. 
If any one has, or comes across, please do let me know. I have heard these products, although they do have a strange price point, the positivity they get to the sound and stage is simply staggering.. 
Highly recommended. 
Schwinn Audio 
Mumbai India 
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