Shunyata Hydra 8 vs Audio Excel. World Power Wing

Has anyone used the Audio Excellence Power Wing I am considering this unit or the Shunyata Hydra 8. Would appreciate info. from anyone who is familar with both units.
Check out the forum discussion where Dave, 'Calloway', says that he compared them and bought the Power Wing.

I auditioned the Hydra 6 against the Power Wing and the Hydra 6 wasn't even in the same ballpark. I've had my Power Wing XP for a year and a half, and just had it upgraded with the Oyaide outlets.

I've never really had a thought of replacing it. The blackness increased, and I never even dreamed that it could. The soundstage also deepened about another 50-75% with the artists and instruments layered and separated within it.
What power cord are you using for the power wing? I to was concidering a Hydra then came across some good reviews on the Power wing.
I own the power wing as well and it is the best power source I have ever used. Krell Mans experience matches my own
Just to be fair - the Hydra 8 and the Hydra 6 are very different animals (very different materials used) ... Moreover, why would you ever compare the $1000 Hydra to the $2600 power wing?
well, how aobut comparing the power wing to the audience adept response unit. Has anyone compared these two beasts?
I have Hydra 8 II in my system, too. I tried two different power cords with it, they sounds quite different. So it might be not fair to say A is better than B if you have not try other combinations yet.