Shunyata Hydra: lifespan, new models?

I've been using Shunyata Hydra conditioners for quite a while now; an 8 for everything except my monoblocks, which are run off a 2. They have worked well in my system.

1) Do these components have a lifespan? Mine are about 6 years old, with moderate use (mostly on weekends).

2) Since I bought mine, Shunyata has introduced the V Ray and recently another one (Talos? -- not sure of spelling). Has anyone compared the newer vs the original? Worth the upgrade??
If its not broke... I am sure the mfgr would like you to upgrade but it is not necessary. You will never know what you are not missing, if anything. Save your money and your sanity. Buy more software! Enjoy the music!!!

Disclosure: I use Shunyata Hydra products myself.
I went from the Hydra 8 to the first series of V Ray and got small but important improvements . Most impressive was the additional drive and momentum produced . I have not tried the new series but when my dealer gets a demo unit I will tote it home for an audition .
I'm not sure if these units have a life expectancy , but Iv'e not heard of one breaking down .

The life expectancy of the Hydras is indefinite. They do not generate heat and are passive in operation. The only thing that can go wrong would relate to a weather or surge related event and we will replace the protection free of charge for the life of the unit. That has happened only 4 times in twelve years world-wide. There is no pressing need to upgrade what performs well. Obviously, we are a "research" based company and its the nature of our business, so evolving and creating better performance is what we do. No need to apologize for that.

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Shunyata Research
Hi Grant, hope all is well. I've had my Vray II and 7 Shunyata cords now for 18 months or so. Really have enjoyed them and worth the investment.

I to am curious about the new conditioners and sound differences. Do you mind posting a few comments? I know you're not supposed to post advertisement, but we're all owners in this thread and curious. I am sure my dealer will bring a demo by soon....

Thanks in advance
I have an 8-year-old Hydra 8 going strong and think it's great; really reduces hardness. I use it all everything but my power amp. I also have a Vray II for a headphone system and it's also great for the same reason.

Hi John.
I'd be happy to share details regarding the technology and performance differences, but not on internet forums. I try to keep my participation related to general information or correction. I will certainly respond to product questions in e-mail or off line. There is more than enough product hawking on-line already. We prefer to stay out of that light altogether.

Thank you for your comments.