Shunyata Research Alpha V2 XC

When I first achieved my reference system, I was using Audioengine's A2+ small desktop speakers along with their S8 subwoofer. I discovered you could push those speakers to outstanding and surprising high levels of performance by using an extremely powerful power back end. The Shunyata Venom V16 using their Delta V2 XC 20 amp cable was key. The A2+ didn't require a lot of power, with 30watts RMS.  However, they could reach dangerous levels of volume without even a hint or preview of distortion. Coupled with the Kimber Kable Summit Palladian and an entire interconnect loom of Synergistic Research cables, the A2+ setup achieved the most realistic holographic sound I had ever heard.  I would visit Nebraska Furniture Mart's audiophile room where there are $25K+ speakers attached to $60K worth of monoblock amps, power distributors, streamers, preamps and Audioquest's highest level power/speaker cables. I didn't hear anything so different than what I was running, albeit some more richness in the mid-range due largely to the physical limitations of the A2+.

So, I upgraded my system to Audioengine's HD6 flagship speaker system. Larger tweeter, MUCH larger mid-range/mid-bass/bass speaker. Dual mono A/B class amps that run 75watts RMS.  I Figured I would get that rich mid-range I was missing. I thought if the A2+, their entry level speaker, could deliver intense and incredible sound, their flagship should be mind-blowing. I knew I already had a powerful back end to rely on. I expected to hear that holographic realism I was enjoying and have more of it.  I was wrong. It sounded good, yes, but not realistic. I did get better midrange, but also got way too much bass, to the point where I had to turn down my subwoofer to properly match.

I tried changing out the fuse for a Synergistic Purple and that helped. I tried changing out the main interconnect from the source to Synergistic's Atmosphere Level 1.  That helped greatly, but there was still something missing. I started building grounding boxes, bleeding off excess signal and current.  Those also helped greatly. But I still wasn't there and it was starting to become an itch that I wanted so badly to scratch!

I started thinking it might need more power.  Overkill levels of power. Similar to what I did with the A2+.  I was thinking of replacing the Kimber Palladian.  Then I read up on DTCD and fully understood it. The Delta V2 XC was excellent at delivering instantaneous current to the A2+'s rectifiers since they were so small. The HD6 has to have a MUCH larger rectifier and much larger capacitors that have to be filled that it needs a stronger, faster power cable. Enter in the Shunyata ALPHA V2 XC.

Holy smokes people.  Usually, when you go up one level in an audio cable food chain, it's generally speaking, never a slap-in-the-face change.  Usually, it's a more subtle but pleasing change. That was not the case here.  The Alpha is a monstrous BEAST of a cable compared to the Delta. It hadn't even burned in an hour, and had FINALLY achieved the holographic realism I was after.  FINALLY, I can rest my itch.

Every single sound is in razor focus.  Every little nuance has depth, realism, it sounds live, not recorded.  Music sounds "fun" and I find myself listening to songs that aren't my favorite.  Some test songs where I just want to hear one part, I find myself listening to the whole thing because it ALL sounds great. Increasing the volume was no longer a risk at muddying up the sound.  Complicated songs where there is too much crescendo and cacophony going on at once, was cleared up. Try playing Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher."  That intro of multiple drums is very hard for a system to replicate without distorting at the very beginning.   Also, during the mid crescendo in Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" there can be distortion at loud volume.  All cured. 

So I was right. I needed to over power the speakers to get them to this level. I also needed to consider that there is a computer, a monitor as well as a 250watts RMS subwoofer sucking power away from the speakers. The Alpha now provides more than enough current draw to satisfy everything with instantaneous power without a waver of disruption.



Interesting. I'm using Alpha v2 NR power cables and I can't say I notice any obvious difference.

Interestingly I’m trying out a Delta and Alpha XC into my PowerPlant. They both tremendously improved my system, BUT in my application I find the Delta warmer and had a more 3D presentation and the Delta is definitely my preference. Funny, opposite experience than the OP.

@guakus I can’t find a v2 version of the Alpha XC on the Shunyata website.  Did you mean the Alpha v2 NR?

@txp1 There was never a v1 labeled XC series, so there is no v2.  So teh current XC cables are all there are and they are v1.

@docknow Thanks, that’s what I thought.  The OP referenced an “…ALPHA V2 XC” so I thought I’d check.