sibilance on Eva Cassidy Songbird

Has anybody noticed excessive sibilance and hot sound on the Eva Cassidy Songbird lp on S&P records. Surprised because Hoffman is certainly one of the very best. I have VPI HRX tt w Dynavector XV1-s cart and have no such problem on any other vinyl I own.
I agree this LP is a bit hot on the top, especially with highly resolving system.
No question, I also hear the sibilance from this one.
I seem to reach for Jen Warnes: The Well mostly for vocals, this one sounds perfectly balanced in my system. This is a Cisco pressing. My Songbird is an S and P numbered pressing.
Hey guys. Just listened to the "Songbird" songs taken from "Live at Blues Alley " on that cd and, despite the typical analogue advantages, I might have finally found a cd that sounds better on balance than the vinyl. At least it doesn't make me want to stop listening.