Signal Direction XLR to RCA? Which way?

I was looking at XLR to RCA adapters on Music Direct and it seems like they were very careful to point out that a particular adapter was for "output" and another for "input." Does it matter which way the signal is going through an adapter? How about interconnects? Should the signal always go from male side to female? Does it matter if you are using XLR versus RCA?

Forgive me if the answer is obvious, but I am a total newbie.
Hi Rickschell,

On equipment, XLR input sockets are always female. Outputs are male. Hope this answers your question.

Thanks @Wbs. I guess RCA's are always female on the component so interconnects are always male on both ends. I think I'm learning little by little.
Rickschell - it's easy to remember if you know the reason. XLR input sides (of component or cable) are always female to prevent touching input (recessed contact). In addition XLR connectors are locking. It was intended for studio/concert environment but I also enjoy safety of my XLR ICs.