Silent Yet Musical Amp for Klipsch Cornwalls?

I am searching for a the right amp (integrated or pre/amp combo) to pair with my Klipsch Cornwall IIs. I have particularly sensitive hearing and I live in a very quiet place. While I love the timbre that characterizes the way my current tube amp (Rogue Cronus) reproduces sound but I have come to hate the slight hum and hiss it emits. It probably would not even be detected in a more urban environment by less fussy ears. For these reasons I am beginning to think that I must find a solid state solution.

Do any of you Klipsch or other high efficient speaker owners have a favorite amp recommendation? I listen to a lot of vinyl, mainly jazz, but also rock, classical, world, etc. I like a big soundstage, lush midrange, and womping bass when called for. I can't spend much more than $1000. And if you happen to actually run a tubed amp with Cornwalls or the equivalent that is silent - please let me know. I am a tube man at heart. Many thanks in advance.
2A3's will do it with Corwalls.
Have you tried any class A amps? Threshold & Pass Labs can be a great match.
My main amp with mine was a Dynaco ST-80 by Panor. Too much noise with vintage mac & AR.