Silver or copper fuses for amps and cdplayer ?

Differences ?
Thinking about the german fuses ahp (copper) and hifi-tuning (silver)

Take a look at the thread "Replacement Fuses - What Are My Options?" for detailed and varied thoughts. It's currently under the old threads with new posts in last 24 hours section, as is this thread.

HI there I recently replaced all 9 fuses in my system with the german tuning fuses.This is not a tweek, but a must!!!!! You will not be disapointed!!!!! Contact Brian Kyal at extreme A/V
Best Regards Timothy
"Unfortunately you didn't buy the best fuse."

Tbg, that is a matter of opinion. What you consider the "best" in your system may not be for other folks in their respective systems. Some may like strawberry flavored ice cream... some may like vanilla... and some may have no taste at all.

Many folks swear by the HiFi-Tuning Fuses... and several of my customers have also tried the Isoclean variety.

All I can say is that the German made HiFi-Tuning Fuses function and sound eXtremely well... and a Silver Filament fuse with gold-plated solid Silver end caps (on the small variety) makes better theoretical sense for maximum energy transfer to your Audio or Video components.

As a HiFi-Tuning Fuse Dealer... I have sold 250+ of these Fuses... with NOT ONE complaint. In fact... folks that try one or two in their systems always come back for more.

Reviews will be out shortly to elaborate on what the HiFi-Tuning customers already know... that the HiFi-Tuning Fuses perform eXtremely well... and are some of the best bang-for-the-buck performance upgrades in Audio and HT today... on the level of installing $1,000+ Power Cables. And of course... the more resolving the system... the more Audio & Video performance gains one can see and hear.

And that is just my opinion...


Brian Kyle
Xtreme AV & Xtreme Cables
>>And that is just my opinion<<

"My name is Brian Kyle and I approved this advertisement"


I guess you may agree that it is OK for other audiophiles who are not Dealers to put in their two cents and opinions... however reliable or unreliable they are... not knowing their industry allegiances, affiliations or motives... but it is not OK for Dealers or Manufacturers... who happen also to be audiophiles... and you know of their allegiances and affiliations ... to give their opinion in an attempt to be fair and set the record straight.

While I am not ascribing motives to any forum poster... it is easy to see from a history of forum posts that some people get excited about a particular manufacturer... and always tout their products as being awesome or "the best" (at least in their system or to their listening preferences). There is nothing wrong with this providing it is honest enthusiasm... and they are not getting renumerated from the manufacturer (and this could simply be allowing them to purchase things at Dealer's cost or below Dealer's cost).

Now with me... I am a Dealer... like yourself... and at least I let people know their options. Nowhere in my supposed "ad" did I say that the HiFi-Tuning Fuses were the "best"... and smoke the IsoClean variety. As with any Audio or HT system... system synergy and listening preferences are variables us Dealers cannot control.

Are the HiFi-Tuning Fuses good... you bet!!! Are the Isoclean varieties also good... that's an affirmative. But it is up to the listener to judge for themself on their own rigs according to their own listener preferences.

Oh for the record... and to be fair... Isoclean Fuses are available from:

Aaudio Imports

HiFi-Tuning Fuses are available from:

Ultra Systems / The Cable Company

Parts Connexion

Xtreme AV

And yes... this post is my honest opinion... that I guess some folks could also misconstrue as being an "ad". My motives are simply that I want to let people know the value of upgrading their fuses to a quality variety... especially on higly resolving systems.


Brian Kyle
Xtreme Cables & Xtreme AV
Come on, the guy is stating he's a dealer. Nothing wrong. Something like fuses would be very component specific.
Sorry that I have been out of contact with the internet for two weeks.

I certainly agree that 2xtreme has the right to express his opinion, but I think he is wrong to suggest that his opinion is worth 250 times that of others, in saying that he has sold 250+ and had not one complaint.

I suspect that the Hi Fi Tuning fuses like the IsoCleans are superior to stock fuses. What is really important is whether on audiophile fuses is superior to another. I would be very interested in why “several” of his customers bought the HiFis if they heard the IsoCleans. Did they prefer the sound of the HiFis and why? Or did they have reasons not related to sound? Did they have the proper direction for the fuses?

Reviewers can only do comparisons on a limited number of components, but at least they do comparisons.

The limited number of comparisons that I know of would suggest to me that the IsoCleans are superior. I do not know whether this is true of all components or if fuse direction is wrong.