Simaudio 870a over Krell 402e?

I have always been a Krell guy until I purchased their Cipher CD/SACD player. Long story short, I now own a Sim 750d CD and a Sim 740p pre and have been absolutely FLOORED by the two pieces compared to my Cipher and 222. I would like to trade out my 402e for the new Sim 870a to complete the package, as it has been such a step in the right direction...but I can't audition the amp first. Anyone heard the new amps? Thanks, Beach.
I wouldn't be so fast to get rid of all your Krell components. I've always found Krell's digital products to be lacking. No so with their other components.
I conncur with zd542, Krell has something that will out perform the simaudio, maybe move up the amp chain to mono blocks could do the trick, I am sure the 900E krell amp is better than anything simaudio makes, I am supprised that the 402E amp got beat in your opinion.
Thanks guys, the Krell was outperformed by the Sim CD and Pre, I haven't been able to audition the Sim 870a amp to see how it compares to my 402e. I am curious, as the Sim outperformed the Krell with the other two a wide margin! Can't help but wonder how the amps would compare!
What do you like about the Sim over the krell? I'm just curious and not saying you made a bad choice. Sim makes excellent equipment. Also, what kind of speakers do your have?
Hey Zd...I'll give you a quick history to let you know where I'm coming from. I had a Krell 525a, 222, and 402e. Right after I purchased the 525a...despite Krell's words to the contrary, they released the Cipher. After an audition I sold the 525a for the Cipher. Dealer never told me he had already been through 4 troubled units. On MY 3rd troubled unit, instead of trying to find a fix, Krell issued me a refund...remember that I had already sold my 525a at a great loss. I was out a CD player...researched, along came Simaudio 750d. It outperformed the Cipher by simply putting the performers in my room in far more realistic manner than the Cipher could do, however, it didn't make the Cipher sound bad by any stretch! Curious as to what else Simaudio could do for me, I purchased a 740p preamp. This was the game changer...I was floored by what the combo did for my system!! The equipment is so quiet that it opened up the whole soundstage to a degree I've never experienced, and made the Krell combo sound bad!! Putting the 222 back in the system literally made you think it was broken, it wasn't!! So now I ponder...what (if anything) can their amp do for me? They are very known for the synergy between their preamps and their amps. As far as speakers are concerned...with the Krell I used B&W802d's, Revel Ultima Studio 2's, and Martin Logan Summit X's. With the Simaudio pieces in the system I have used Summit X's, Focal Electra 1038Be's, but primarily Focal Diablo Utopias! A couple of years ago I read that in the Far East they used to clamor for Krell and Levinson but nowadays it's all Simaudio...I now know why. I first used Krell in 96, switched to Levinson for almost 8 years, then returned to Krell. As upset as I was with Krell, I am almost thankful they stuck it to me, as it lead me to a much higher level of listening!
@ Beachbound, Hi, I just looked over very well what you have mentioned here, The pre-amp of course, The simaudio 740p, I have a krell 700cx, dual mono design like this simaudio pre-amp, then the two match well visually!, I believe you got my attention with the 740p, after reading the specs and reviews, and your opinion, It seems to me, it would be alot better of a preamp than some krells made for my amp, and then the cost is not overly bad, it looks like krell cx quality chassis,,And a 10 year warranty!, you are on to something here!, Do you know if it is class A?
Beachbound, Hi, in your opinion, how would the simaudio moon Evolution 740p and 840p line stages compair to to the Atmasphere mp-1, and then the Steve Mccormic VRE-1c pre-amps? BTw is not mccormic audio, Rather steve's extreme high-end audio brand.
Hi guys, I can't give you specs on the preamp, but I can tell you that I almost felt "cheated" for not having this level of sound for my "Krell Evolution" years. Simaudio is on the incline...recently purchased by the trio of "brains" that ran the company. Although I'm sure their equipment of yesteryear was very good (I never auditioned any of it) this new gear changed everything for me. The CD is exceptional, but it's the preamp that just floored me. Give it time to break in, I was very worried for a few days...but then I was just shocked! Sorry I can't give comparisons regarding any other preamp than the Krell 222! I am going ahead with ordering the Sim amp, as it's been such an experience so far, I doubt I can go wrong!! I don't believe the company is resting on any reputation, they seem to keep just forging ahead!! The U.S. rep told me that with the amps, give them time...the clarity will be there right away but the bass will take some time. That's what hit with the preamp...the clarity was like nothing have ever heard! The 222 literally sounded "fuzzy" in comparison, not to mention the size and layering of the soundstage! As I mentioned, I feel as I have been "ripped off" in more ways than just financially with my latest experience with my long loved Krell!
Thankyou beachbound for the reply, I have enjoyed reading your post, The pre-amp you have is awsome looking, not to exspensive compaired to what you say it sounds like, how much was the krell 222?
Curious if you are happy with the purchase of the 870a. I own the 860a and I am very content with mine. As of right now I am using my simaudio 600i as my preamp. As soon as I sell it I am going with the 740p. I was going to tell you, but you probably already know, the sim 860 is a great sounding and powerful amp. Have no doubt you will be happy with your purchase. Cheers.