Simaudio Moon Equinox integration problem.

I've recently added the Simaudio Equinox to my system. My problem is I now have too much high frequency content. I am running the Equinox into the Simaudio I-5 integrated amplifier feeding a pair of Totem Hawks. All of these units are noted for being quick / fast but none of them (at least by themselves) are noted for being shrill or overemphasising the high frequencies, but that is what I have. The sound seems clean, not distorted, but just too much high frequencies. I am wondering if this is an interconnect issue? My interconnects are Prolink, which I picked up used, and I think they are pretty cheap.
I'd like to hear from anyone has successfully integrated the Equinox into a similar system what they recommend for interconnects...what has worked for them. So if you have a good system based on similar equipment what did it for you? I'd really like your help. Thanks

I don't have a Moon Equinox, but I do have the same I-5 and Totem Hawk combo, which I love, but which required an aftermarket power cord to sound its best. I had the same feeling with my setup in the past (when I was using a Meridian 506.24 CD player, which is nothing if not warm sounding), but it turned out that I just had some dirty AC. Once a good power cord was installed, there was a HUGE improvement in that area. And then I didn't benefit from the overly warm Meridian anymore.

Both my experience and research have indicated that all Simaudio components benefit significantly from a good power cord (in fact, their "LE" series components shipped with Cardas power cords).

As to comparing power cords...I haven't done that itself, but have noticed a very large difference between any aftermarket power cord that I've tried (Shunyata, PS Audio) and stock power cords.

Are you using stock power cables, or has this already been addressed?
My power cords are stock. So you found that poor power cords created too much treble in the sound? How would that happen?

You may have something there, but I didn't notice a problem until I added the Equinox so are you thinking it might be the Equinox power cord, or would you suggest I still focus on the I-5 power cord?

man i ran the equinox and i3 to a pair of forests.It sounded great.A bit much on some recordings but never what your describing.I did end up with adagios..better for my tastes in music.Im using shunyata power and acoustic zen ic,s and speaker cable.
Thanks Digsmihd,

Do you remember which model of the Acoustic Zen interconnects you used between the Equinox and the I-3? I suspect that is where my problem might be.
I found that using a PS Audio power cord instead of the stock cord on the I5 resulted in a huge improvement - more than any interconnect change has yielded for me to this point. I was quite surprised, as I wasn't convinced that the power cord would make a noticeable difference.

Given that the I5 will be drawing far more power from the wall than the Equinox, I'd start with the I5 power cord first of all, but would be inclined to change both cords. Don't know the cost of the various models available, but would presume that Cardas must be a good choice too since Sim has bundled Cardas cables with their "LE" models in the past.

I would presume that you're in for some good listening with your setup - that should be a great combo.
Using the silver ref,s,but i would lean towards the matrix ref 2 because of metal dome tweeter in hawks.Power cable,ics,conditioning,isolation.All the peices of the puzzle got to be there.imho
How long have you broken in the Equinox?

You really need to give it a few hundred hours. (and I agree about the power cords-also need to be broken in).

Do you use a power coditioner?
I picked up the Equinox used on Audigon. The person I bought it from had used it only a few times (6-10 discs). He also bought it used. At my request he is going to talk to the original owner to see how much he used it. It is possible that the unit hasn't been properly broken in even though it is a used unit. I have been suspecious of that and I have already begun burning it in. I think I'm hearing some improvement.
Cerrot, do you know how the changes in sound to expect as the Equinox burns in? What changes, what gets better (low end, high end, detail, sound stage, distortion....???
It can be a broad spectrum but what you described is something that I have experienced with burn in of a cd player. My Esoteric took bout 1200 hours to break in - highs were pretty bright and now sounds awesome.
So far I have 1 vote for burn-in, 2 votes for power cord and 1 sugguestion for an interconnect. Anything else I should look into? Anyone else have a favourite interconnect that seems to match up well with the Simaudio Equinox?
Try the VD Master LE ( balanced) or a Revelation and you will not look back.All my buddies run Genesis i/c and p/c and speaker and love them.I just bought an Acoustic Revive from Brian @ Exreme
Cables and it totally transformed my system.Imaging, bass, treble were all improved greatly and seemed to synergise with the Genesis cabling.I am running a pair of Sim W-10 monos and love musicality of the system.Hope this helps Dennis