Simaudio, MOON, Neo MiND

Ok so I just purchased a Simaudio MOON, MiND network streamer and the ninny who sold it to me failed to mention that it was built for the Asian market and is 230V. Spoke to Bernard at MOON and he had a whole host of upgrades and such he wants to sell me as well as the 120V conversation. Biggest question, HOW WELL does this thing perform? I primarily stream from Tidal and now Quobuz. Bought the component inexpensively so can toss a few dollars more at it but want to hear what people think of it. It's literally in brand new condition  with boxes & paperwork, etc so, a nice find perhaps? Is it an upgrade from Node 2i other than in I tail price? I want it to be a winner as it's a stand alone streamer and I have a wonder DAC I'm very happy with. System consists of, Cary CAD 808r tube amp, Manley Shrimp preamp, Line Magnetic 502ca DAC, MIT Terminator interconnects & speaker lines. Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated. Shared experience would be best. TY
I don't know how good it is, but got a chuckle from your ninny comment. Thanks! Have you thought about powering everything off of 220-240 vac? More power is better for sound, but a pain in the butt to convert. I must say that the sound is better, V x I = Power...
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Just get a 230/110 step down transformer - no effect upon sound quality! I'd be leery of any so-called "improvements" being touted by Bernard!
He will have the Simaudio techs change the internal transformer and bring it to NA spec for a couple hundred + shipping to & from MA to Montreal. We have common friends up there so he offered to do the switchover for the "right" price. I don't want or need the model 2 mods (I don't think) as I really just stream. No storage of hi-res files of any kind. Mostly an LP kinda guy anyway. Just hoping to learn more about it and what people have paired it with successfully. It's sitting in a box right now staring at me wondering what it's doing so far from home, lol.
I think it should be done for free, in Canada the standard supply voltage is 120vac. My 2¢
The Mind 2 player is a wonderful piece of equipment. Work with Roon, Tidal, Spotify, Qbiz, …..

look here for full specs.
@fiesta75 read the original post, he purchased used.

Here is your 2 cents back.
@jasonbourne52 There have been several updates available for the Mind2 platform in recent months. 
Also having it converted to 110 would make it more marketable when the OP wants to upgrade.

And what do you base your statement on “being leery of Bernard?”

Just get a 230/110 step down transformer - no effect upon sound quality! I'd be leery of any so-called "improvements" being touted by Bernard!

In my opinion, Bernard is a good guy, no reason to feel otherwise but as representative of the Simaudio brand, he's trying to get me to spend significant money to upgrade to the MiND 2 platform; I get that. No doubt it's a worthwhile package for some. Just want to determine if I need to spend that money. Will the performance in a "streaming only" application be something I NEED? From what I've read yeah, the Neo MiND is a great little piece which is why I bought it but who has the MiND 1st gen that can speak to this? Appreciate all your feedback but hoping to get more info from someone who's owned and operated this particular component.
I paid for the upgrade from MiND 1 to 2 that Bernard mentioned to you. Sonically there’s no significant difference. The main thing you are paying for is additional features and compatibility to make it more current.  The upgrade gives you the ability to steam MQA, multi-room synchronized capability, the ability to use Roon, ability to take advantage of Quobuz Sublime+ and Deezer HiFi and stream up to 32/384 and DSD 256.  If you don’t plan on taking advantage of any of these then you don’t need to worry about the upgrade. 
Ended up sending the 230v Singapore market MiND back to the tool bag who sold it to me. Bought a lightly used Elac Discovery for $250. Sent it to Elac in CA and they totally went through and upgraded it for ZERO dollars... even paid for shipping to and from. Playing it now through a Line Magnetic, 520ca DAC and I'm very impressed. Excellent experience front to back!