Sims Navcom Isolation Pucks vs. SQ Isol-Pads

I am looking to apply some vibration isolation to my audio components -- CDP, Integrated Amp, DAC. As I am only starting in this area --- and an entire new rack or shelf is not an option -- I am looking for feedback on these two items.

My equipment is all solid state -- not tubes. Currently housed in a custom wood cabinet. However, some vibration in room from HVAC/Water heater when running.

Any thoughts regarding these 2 options - or others in the same cost range would be appreciated.
Instead of limiting yourself to these two types, why not explore cone alternatives? Cones from Mapleshade as an example of some good ones.
I like Novcom pucks and Black Diamond Racing #3 & #4 cones and keep both around as I can usually get good results with one or the other, both work with SS. I usually ended with the BDR under my CDP. Presently the Novcom Pucks are under all the BDR shelves in my racks. The BDR cones come up often for sale but the pucks don't, grab some!!!
Sbleam,the sims silencers have not been made for quite some time.You can't just go out and purchase some. A better alternative to them may be vibration pads like the isol but with the blue foam material instead of cork.Google or go to ebay and search vibration isolation pads.They are probably in the price range you are looking for.

Thanks have found a site that sells both the blue foam and cork Isol pads. However, I have found a seller of the Navcom Silencers and could get a number of new he had purchased. I have seen the Navcom Silencers on a number of Audiogon setups - but wanted to get some real feedback. During their peak sale period all seemed to really like the sobathane for a vibration dampening material - which the Silencers used.
Sbleam,sims silencers are made of navcom not sorbothane,where are you getting your information?(a rhetorical ?)If you can get the silencers made of navcom then go for it.
First I want to make sure we both mean the sameting with the Sims Navcom Isolation Pucks (photo )
From doing various searches around the net I found articles that described the pucks as a sorbathane puck with a metal band (some recommended removing the band to allow the material to flex). In either case --- the important question is this -- have you used them and how do you compare to the isolation pads?

Thanks for your feedback?
Sbleam,last time,sims silencers are made of NAVCOM not sorbothane.I have in my hand right now a brand new never opened package of sims silencers.They were distributed by sumiko and contains 4 pucks or as they say 4 audio isolators.It compares monstercable isotec and audioquest sorbothane vibration dampening coefficients with graphs etc. Navcom is the clear winner. If you found articles that said that navcom and sorbothane are the same thing, they are in error! As I have said earlier,if you can find some silencers at a reasonable price go for it.
Here's some info:

My experience is the pucks keep the bass tighter than sorbothane. It's been a while but I remember thinking they reduced vibration evenly across the spectrum much better than anything I compared them with (for the sound I was looking for)